Maintaining Health is a Wealth Strategy
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Maintaining Health is a Wealth Strategy

Wealth without maintaining Health is an incomplete wealth strategy. You are in no position to enjoy your wealth. You might say the medical system is designed to ensure our wealth is taken from us. Either maintain your wellness or manage your symptoms.

Aging Begins in Your Twenties

As we age, we naturally tend to slow down, both in our physical and our mental well being. Those with health challenges will see dramatic changes in either or both depending on their health.

Did you know age 20 is our physical body’s peak age? After that, we start on the downhill side of life. At this age, internally we are fully mature and our body is naturally functioning at its peak capacity. But we are not bulletproof, even though we may think we are. The human body is already starting to lose its functionality at the cellular level. Unless we then make maintaining health a priority, we will regress to old age quicker than we may want to.

It is so vital to continue physical activity, even yoga is a form of movement; exercise doesn’t have to be extreme. Our muscle mass must be maintained to carry our frame and have the strength to fight off imbalance and illness.

Quality of Food is Important for Maintaining Health

Food intake is often abused. Overeating can cause obesity. Overeating can be addictive, especially from eating high-fat products at most fast food outlets. We take for granted that money will buy everything. But often “everything” can harm us in the end! Watch the quality of the food we consume. High fats are often bad – especially in combination with carbohydrates.

The damage to our bodies is compounded by how our food has changed in the last 50 years. Genetic modification, cloning of seeds, the depletion of soil nutrients, forced mass food production all result in loss of both flavor and nutrients. Maintaining a healthy food lifestyle – however challenging – is key to living longer and maintaining an optimum immune system.

Did you know that what goes in your body directly impacts your health? Proper digestion depends on (and impacts) the balance of bacteria and flora in your intestinal system. Elimination is also very important to maintain your overall health. If your digestive system is not acting in harmony, the result can be disease, leading to death.

Health Care

As we age symptoms of disease start to show up – cramping, pain, blockage, constipation, to name just a few. Most people immediately go to their Doctor for help. Unfortunately, the medical establishment is prescription based. Prescriptions usually mask the symptom, rather than address the root cause. Now, the boomer generation is driving change. More and more we are seeking answers for causes, not being content to just manage the symptoms.

The internet – although Google is not a Doctor – has a lot of great research available. Take it upon yourself to study and learn. Your body is a wondrous machine that can heal itself if given the chance. It is not meant to take on foreign substances as part of symptom management. We know prescribed medicines usually have side effects and that they don’t interact well with each other. Before you fill that prescription, do your research! Ask questions of both your Doctor and the Pharmacist who is filling the order. Be as well informed as possible before you ingest any prescription.

It’s certainly been my personal experience that wealth without health is a no-win experience. Be responsible for your own health as you age.

We will be expanding on this article by delving into more detail about general health misconceptions, sharing knowledge and articles we feel will be most beneficial to all. Watch for additional articles coming up.

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