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Profiting From Currency Devaluation

Shrinking Dollar

History has shown, without a doubt that we are suffering from currency devaluation. In order to do this, we must use currency properly to OUR benefit, not to the benefit of the “system”.

Every time we go to the store we are reminded that a dollar is no longer worth what it used to be worth!!! That’s currency devaluation at work.

Let me explain how Canada and United States of America currency has been systematically devalued since the dollar was taken off the gold standard almost 50 years ago, To put it simply, without a standard of backing, our fiat currency is just printed continually, with no real value. More currency is fed into the system to keep the countries afloat. Today, we are seeing countries printing currency today at a huge rate to cover losses of businesses, wages, goods and whatever. The printing of more currency devalues what is already in circulation.

We still use the dollar as a measure of economic activity. The whole financial system calls it inflation caused by rising prices; when in fact it’s really the constant decline of your currency, currency devaluation.

The wealthy invest in shares of necessary businesses, commodities used by everyone in their daily living. They do not store currency in bank deposits to build their wealth.

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